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Jamila Henna


Product Description


Jamila Henna


FRESH Summer 2012 Crop BAQ

Super Sift. Body Art Quality.


This popular henna from Pakistan yields a wonderfully dark color for both hair and in body art.

Super sifted for easy mixing and rinsing. BAQ Jamila henna is recommended when your primary goal is to color your hair, either alone, with amla for a reddish-brown color or with indigo for a super black!

Each box contains 100g of 100% pure Body Art Quality Henna from Pakistan, sealed in foil packs and in boxes wrapped in cellophane packaging with date stamp on the bottom of the box.


Henna Powder as a Safe Alternative to Toxic Hair Dyes


Henna powder produces a safe and natural dye for coloring your hair. It almost sounds unreal, but it is possible to enhance your hair color without harmful chemicals.

Perhaps you’ve wanted a new look for awhile, but was turned off by the thought of using harsh dyes in your hair. The good news is you can enhance your look by using a natural dye – such as henna.

Right now, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why would I put henna in my hair? My 15-year old daughter and her friends use that stuff for temporary tattoos.”

First, you should rejoice that your daughter’s tattoos are temporary! Second, you should know that henna colors hair just as well as it colors skin. The color is temporary, but you can repeat the process once the color fades.


The Secret


The secret to henna’s coloring abilities is hidden within its leaves.

Henna, in it’s natural form, is a tropical shrub that grows in dry climates such as Pakistan and India.

When the shrub’s leaves are ground into powder, you can add water to produce a paste. The paste is suitable to use as a dye. For more than 5000 years, people have used this method to create natural dyes for hair, nails and skin.


Create the Paste


The Complete Book of Herbs and Spices contains a terrific guide for making the paste. Below is a short overview of the steps:


1. Obtain a package of henna powder.

2. Take 4 tablespoons* of the powder and add hot water – just enough to create a paste.

*Note – More may be needed for longer, thicker hair

3. Let the paste sit for at least 30 minutes so the color can form. Henna dye alone should produce a darkish-red color. The only way to change the color is to add additional ingredients into the mixture. You’ll find information on adjusting your color later in this article.

4. After at least 30 minutes, test the paste on a few strands of your hair. If your scalp feels any discomfort, then wash the paste from your hair and discontinue its use.

*Note: Keep in mind that the original color of your hair influences your results.

For example, if your hair is black, most will not see a dramatic color change after the first use. The hair will appear darker than before, but will have reddish highlights in the sun. Repeat henna treatments will be necessary for the color to become more visible over dark hair. Henna cannot make your hair lighter, only darker. A person with dark brown hair cannot use a henna dye to turn their hair blonde. On the other hand, a person with blonde hair can use a henna dye to turn their hair darker.

5. If you’re pleased with the results, then apply the paste to the rest of your hair. Wear rubber gloves because the dye will stain your skin and fingernails.

6. Work the paste into your hair until every strand is covered. Run your fingers through your hair to make sure you get all of the strands.

7. Wrap a plastic cap around your head. An inexpensive shower cap will do. Once the plastic cap is in place, cover the cap with a hot, damp towel.

8. Keep your hair covered for at least an hour. After an hour, rinse the dye from your hair. If you want a darker color, then leave your head covered overnight. For an overnight treatment, remove the towel from your head before going to bed. Remember, the longer the henna paste is on the hair, the stronger the dye uptake to facilitate color change.

9. Rinse the dye from your hair. After rinsing, wash your hair with shampoo and apply your conditioner. When the shampoo and conditioner are out of your hair, apply hair oil onto your scalp.


Adjusting the Color


During your test run, you might decide that you’d like to achieve a different color. Perhaps you want a darker color or a deeper reddish-brown color. You can accomplish this by adding an extra ingredient – such as amla powder – to the dye mixture.

Amla powder is an olive-green powder made from the fruit of the Indian gooseberry tree. The fruit is edible, and has several medicinal qualities – including the ability to reduce cholesterol, and treat fevers.

When you make an amla paste, you can apply the paste to your hair to prevent hair loss and strengthen the roots. If you add amla powder to your henna powder, then it produces a darker reddish-brown dye.

In addition to amla powder, you can darken the henna dye by adding indigo powder. Indigo alone produces a dark blue dye. When mixed with henna to create a “henndigo”, the result is a dark brown to off-black color. Applying an indigo paste immediately after applying and rinsing a henna treatment (2-step process) will produce deep black and shiny hair.

Hibiscus petal powder is another conditioning herb that can influence henna color. Use of the powder itself or tea created from the powder will be enough to give the henna a more burgundy or deeper red influence.


Go ahead and try Jamila henna powder. You have nothing to lose, and a beautiful head of shiny, strong hair to gain!



Additional Notes on Henna


Jamila Henna is a permanent color dye on hair. The color will not wash away. The only way to change the color will be with another henna application, cut dyed hair, or color with another dye (seek professional advice if using chemical dyes to color over henna!).

Our Jamila Henna is body art quality meaning it is finely ground and sifted and is free from any additional chemicals or additives. As with natural hair, it is safe to use over color treated or relaxed hair, however, you must allow time – usually 2 weeks - in between chemical treatments and henna treatments.


Avoid eye contact and flush immediately with water if eye contact occurs.


Jamila Henna Regimens by some of our wonderful Facebook Fans!


“I use 2 boxes. Then I put distilled water in a saucepan and turn the heat to about medium. Then I add dehydrated hibiscus flowers and two chopped beetroots to the water. I bring it to nearly a boil. I transfer it to a bowl via strainer and then add 4 green tea bags...I've never measured my water. After it steeps I add it to the bowl I have my henna in, and I only add enough to make it a creamy consistency. I add about 2TBs honey after its throughly mixed. I let my mixture sit overnight covered. The next day I cowash my hair, section it into 4 sections and apply my henna...I keep it on about 8 hours. Rinse til water runs clears, then cowash with a protein free conditioner, then deep condition with my steamer.”

~Ashley Marie


“Jamila is the only kind I use; I mix 2 boxes of Jamila with cooled herbal tea (preferably green tea) and mix until the consistency of cake batter. Then I cover mix plastic wrap, making sure it touches the henna to keep out the air, put the lid on the container, and let rest overnight. If I want to leave the henna in overnight, then I only let it rest for a few hours and will in the meantime wash my hair so the henna has a clean base for application. I will then mix in a few tablespoons of honey until the henna is pudding consistency (for extra moisture), apply in sections, wrap my hair with plastic wrap to keep warm and moist, cover with some sort of head protector, and rinse out in the morning!”

~Melanie Nowell-Turner


“I keep it simple: 1 box of Jamila mixed with hot water and covered for 24 hours. I apply it and keep it in my hair for four hours. Afterwards, I wash with it out with conditioner until the water runs clear. Moisture, moisture, moisture follows!”

~Latanya Ivey


“I mix my henna with hot green tea and mix to a creamy consistency. I then add rosemary oil, peppermint oil and jamaican black castor oil (for moisture). I let the mixture sit for a few hours then apply to my hair cover with a plastic bag and an old cotton scarf and let sit over night. I cowash in the morning and then deep condition with a hair steamer for awesome results! I apply henna every 2 or 3 months.”

~Aliya Matthews

“I love Henna! I use 100g Jamilla BAQ, 50g of ground cloves, & Amla as my acid. I mix all of this in my designated "henna bowl" add water until it is yogurt consistency, then cover & allow dye release. Sometimes I add a lil olive oil or honey to this mix. I apply, allow to cook over night, rinse out.. Do an oil rinse using grape seed, almond, and jojoba oils, then DC under my steamer. It's a process, and it smells horrible! But I love the benefits!! So it's worth it. Oh.. And I do this every 2 months on damp hair.”

~Victoria Teets


“I've had problems with my hair growing until I found out about henna. I mix 100g henna with half ac vinegar half oil (cocoanut or olive) and add a little water till it's a thin yogurt consistency. Let that sit over night and leave on my hair 4hrs. I'll add indigo and/or hibiscus petal powder depending on my mood ;) I've had over 3in growth since I started using it. :D”

~Jennifer Hockley


“I clarify my hair before a henna treatment to remove any product buildup. I mix the henna with either water or brewed tea, lukewarm or room temperature. I let it sit overnight or at least 6 hours for the dye release. I apply it with an applicator brush then cover with a plastic cap for several hours. I conditioner wash many times (if I get impatient I'll use a gentle shampoo lol) & then deep condition.”

~Tanisha Campbell


“My henna routine is a box of henna, a bit of amla, mixed with warm distilled water then finished with some honey. Let the mixture release and apply. I actually find that applying to dry hair is better for me. And that freezing the mixture gives me better results. Lately I've been using heat to shorten the process (from overnight to just 4 hours) by applying the henna and using a heat cap. My best application has been to just rinse the bulk of the mixture out of the hair (until the water runs clear), apply an very emollient conditioner and put on the plastic cap and just leave it. Then a rinse and co-wash results in silky hair. I also gloss (part henna, part conditioner) when I don't have a lot of time and want a quick treatment.”

~Elaine Bell-Quinn


“I use 100g of Jamila henna to 1.5 cups of warm green tea. I usually use 2 tea bags. I seal off the container and let it sit for a few hours then mix in about 1 cup of thick conditioner and hibiscus flowers and honey. I leave mine in overnight. I rinse it out with whatever rinse out conditioner I have in the shower and then deep condition with Shea Moisture Organic Black Soap Purification Hair Masque with a little honey added to it for about an hour.”

~LaShonda El


“i start with 100g of henna i then add my cooled green chamomile tea to the mix. i then mix alma, brahmi, methi, neem and hibiscus petal powder in a seperate bowl and mix with the tea as well and allow both to sit overnight in a covered bowl. i the morning i mix the two together after the dye has had a chance to release from the henna, from there i add honey, conditioner and coconut milk to get my mixture to a creamier consistency. i add my henna to clean slightly damp hair and wrap with plastic wrap and let it set overninght. i rinse out in the morning and add my deep conditioner (base conditioner, coconut oil, aloe vera gel/juice) and let sit for an hour under heat. once ive rinsed out my d/c i seal the cuticle with a cooled tea rinse (usually rosemary, hibiscus, marshmallow root and burdock root). im always left with fuller looking more defined, STRONGER curls with amazing gloss! i do this every 6/7 weeks.”

~Sha K.


“I mix 200g Jamila henna w/strong green tea (2:1) until the consistency looks like pudding. After dye release, I add 2T of honey, EVOO & coconut oil. I pre-poo then clarify. I apply henna to damp hair. I typically sleep with the treatment on my head. My head is wrapped in a plastic wrap, plastic bag and old towel. The next morning, I rinse it until the water is clear. I follow up with a deep moisturizing treatment. I would love to do this every four weeks to cover my grays.”

~Mary Laws-Taylor


“Kiss- Keep It Simple Shayla:). A little bit of water, plain yogurt, honey, mix, let it sit for a lil bit to marinate. Apply to hair and cover with a plastic cap for 1-5hrs:). Twice a month.”

~Shayla Deppen


“I use the henna every one to three months. I mix it with room temp chamomile tea, amla, fenugreek & turmeric. I then apply it liberally to my hair, then cover with a plastic cap. I leave it on for a minimum of 4 hours, preferably overnight. Then, follow with a deep conditioner & steam treatment.”

~Alicia Adams


“My mix includes heated distilled water and olive oil. I mix a creamy paste and apply it to my relaxed hair and cover with saran wrap for two hours. I rinse with a creamy conditioner or yogurt and then proceed to deep condition with a moisturizing conditioner and a plastic cap. I do this two weeks after a perm. It gives my hair a wonderful sheen as well as strength.”

~Shalae Meade





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Write a Review

  1. Second time using product. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 15 2012

    In love with this brand of Henna. I only started using Henna about three months ago, and I love it. Very smooth, and easy to mix. A bit messy, but I assume that's with any natural product, so it's not really a complaint at all. I left the product on for only four and a half hours, and the color stuck just as well as if leaving on for twelve or overnight. I also love that you do not really have to wait for the dye release, as it pretty much automatically releases with slightly hot tea.
    Cannot beat the conditioning and how it reduces hair fall. Now my only problem is saving up enough to buy in bulk!
    Lovely product and will be ordering from soon.

  2. Great product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 19 2012

    This was my first time using Henna and I loved it. It was great quality and made my hair so soft.

  3. Must have! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 21 2012

    Love, love, love this product. I have to keep a stash on hand. It covers my grey hair very nicely.

  4. pretty good stuff! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 16 2012

    This was my first time using henna. I really enjoyed it. It seemed a quality product. At first my hair seemed strong but kind of rough. my hair also shedded more than I expected. Overtime its softening up. Its smooth and shiny. Ill see how it looks in a few days.

    Btw this site is great. I received my order in 4days. everything was packaged nicely. :)

  5. Jamila Henna is the gold standard! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 08 2011

    I purchased some Jamila henna from this site (awesome site, btw) just last month and used it for the first time yesterday. WOW! I am putting in another order right now that will last me for the next few months! My hair (after deep conditioning it) is so lush, and has a beautifully even reddish brown tone all over my head. This is my 3rd henna application, but I took my time and applied it this time as if I would a relaxer or hair color, and let it sit overnight.

    It's finely sifted, so I only needed to wash my hair once to wash it all away. I have very full 3b-4a, shoulder-length hair and I used 2 boxes (200g) for a full head application applied generously.

  6. Love it!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 11 2011

    I have used this product twice (once a month) and I love it. The color deposits perfectly and my hair is beyond conditioned!!! I love it. Sure, it cost more than the others; but, you get what you pay for. I highly recommend this product and this vendor.

    (100 g = 1 box = enough for one application for those with thin/medium hair)

  7. Wonderful!!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 09 2010

    First time using jamila henna and I loved it! I felt the difference after one use. The henna is super sifted and I had no problem washing it out. I ordered more boxes will definetly be a faithful client! Thank you so much!

  8. Very Happy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 30 2010

    This is my 2nd time ordering the Jamila 2010 henna. The first time I ordered 2 boxes and loved the color that was deposited on my 4a/b African American hair. The sift is so fine that I had absolutely no trouble washing it out.

    This time around, I ordered 5 boxes of Jamila henna and some Amla powder (1st time use)!!

    I ordered my products on Thursday August 26th and received them on August 30th. If you don't include Sunday, that is only 3 days to deliver the products!!

    I am extremely happy with the quality of the products and prices available on this site. This is a very professional company that I will continue to give my business to.

  9. amazing!!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 14 2010

    So many women recommend Jamila henna on the hair boards and now i understand why. It made my hair super strong, shiny, and left a beautiful hint of color. My hair has not looked this amazing in a very long time!!

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