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Amla Powder


Product Description

Amla Powder

Pure and Natural Amla Powder

Amla fruit, commonly known as Indian Gooseberry or Amalaki, is a sour fruit abundant in India and well known in Ayurveda for its many benefits in health and beauty. Known for having the highest content of vitamin C, amla is especially good for boosting the immune system. In beauty, amla provides benefits in both hair care and skin care. In hair care, Amla is used in oil infused tonics or in powder form to provide added strength to hair roots, bring luster to hair, encourage hair growth, and addresses premature greying. In skin care, face masks using amla paste provides nourishment to skin thereby assisting with dullness of skin.



Made in India

Imported by AyurNatural Beauty

Each foil pack contains 100g - 3.5 oz




Amla Powder for Health and Beauty

The amla fruit is a perfect example of nature providing solutions for hair care and skin care. When it comes to taste, amla is a typical fruit. Your taste buds aren’t going to jump for joy or do anything amazing after tasting the fruit. What sets this fruit apart from others is that, in powdered form, amla is a powerful health and beauty aid. Please note that amla is the Indian name for the fruit. Most people in English speaking countries refer to it as Indian Gooseberry. To avoid confusion, remember that amla and Indian Gooseberry are the same.


Health and Beauty Benefits

You’re probably wondering, what’s so special about amla? What does it do that other fruit can’t? According to Purdue University, amla is an excellent source of vitamin C. In fact, the Barbados cherry is the only fruit with more vitamin C than amla. Vitamin C is a powerful vitamin because of its disease fighting properties. Amla powder is an easy way to make use of the fruit’s abundance of vitamin C and curative abilities. Before using amla powder on your skin or hair, you should test it. It’s a natural ingredient, but you could possibly have an allergic reaction.


Hair Treatment

Amla powder is a natural treatment made from ground pieces of dried amla fruit. Grinding the dried fruit produces a fine powder that stimulates hair growth and enhances hair color. It’s also a treatment for lice and dandruff. Once you have the powder, you can create your own homemade hair treatment. Luckily, amla powder is available in packets – so you don’t have to worry about drying it yourself. It’s quick and easy to get the powder into usable form. Mix the powder with warm water or olive oil and stir until a thin paste forms. Once you have the paste, massage it into your hair and scalp. It’s similar to applying traditional conditioner, except you use the amla treatment on dry hair. In her book The Indian Grocery Store Demystified, Linda Bladholm recommends leaving the mixture on your hair for an hour. What you want is for the nutrients to soak into your hair and scalp. You also might want to wear a plastic cap so your hair doesn’t drip all over the place. The last step is to wash the mixture from your hair and shampoo as usual. With prolonged use, your hair should become healthier with a more vibrant color.


Skin Treatment

The amla powder mixture works as a facial treatment as well. When you’re done with your hair, you can use the remaining powder for an invigorating facial. In the book Food for Good Health, author A.W. Chetna states that amla strengthens and rejuvenates skin. It also repairs damaged tissue and reduces the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles. For a facial treatment, combine the powder with water. You can also add a bit of olive oil or face cream. Mix the ingredients together until a paste forms. The mixture for your face should be slightly thicker than the mixture for your hair. If the mixture is too watery, then you’ll need to add more powder. Just be careful because too much powder might make the mixture gritty. Let the mixture stand for a few minutes so it firms up a bit more. Gently rub the mixture onto your skin. After 10 minutes, rinse your skin with warm water and pat dry with a towel.



Where does this super fruit come from? You’re certainly not likely to find it among the oranges and apples at your local grocery store – unless you’re in India. Amla is a small, green fruit that is indigenous to India. It plays a huge rule in Ayurvedic medicine, which is an Indian natural healing practice with a history that spans more than 5000 years. Ayurvedic practitioners believe that amla juice mixed with honey is an excellent health tonic. According to Food for Good Health, amla treats a number of maladies. Among them are diabetes, heart disease, diarrhea, anemia, eye disorders and respiratory disease. In some parts of India, amla is pickled with spices, oil and salt. It’s safe to eat raw, but you can also use it as an ingredient in various dishes.


Amla Powder Availability

Amla powder is available online and in some health food stores. The best amla powder comes from India. If possible, make sure the product you purchase states that it’s made in India. The powder is usually available in foil packs of varying sizes. If you’re pleased with the results, you’ll certainly go back for more.

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  1. Great powder 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 02 2011

    I used this on my face and it really left it smooth and fresh. I also used it to condition my hair. For anyone with dry hair, it is best to mix it with some type of moisture such as some essential oils or other moisturizing conditioners. I sometimes added to my molasses treatments,good conditioner for all type of hairs.Only don't forget to add your own moisture!

  2. Great part of a shampoo mix 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 04 2011

    Amla powder is great when combined with brahmi, neem, shikakai, hibiscus, and kapur kachri for a shampoo mix. This powder is strengthening and great in bringing out the best in your hair!

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